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NEWS: So we've decided to roll out our BarHopper program as an online recipe book. You can still purchase the standalone program of it for Windows/Linux by clicking here.


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still buy the original
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Weber COnsulting - Barhopper Gold Original Edition



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Welcome to the Bar!
NOTE: This is the obligatory notice for you to leave now
if you are under the legal drinking age of wherever you
happen to be.
Search 1500+ Drinks. 100% Free Cocktail and drink recipes.


Okay, We're guessing your first operative questions are "what is this place, and what do I do with it?" Well, we're glad you asked!

We took Weber Consulting's BarHopper: Gold Edition - our Mixed Drinks Recipe software with over 1500 drinks recipes (that's right; OVER FIFTEEN HUNDRED. Man, it was a pain to type them all, but we did it all for you!) and we put it up on the web for your enjoyment. You can browse our drinks recipes to your heart's content from your mobile device, web browser, or any other machine you want to use to access the internet.

Now that you know what this place is, I'm SURE you know WHAT to do with it; find a recipe you like, mix it up, and have a sip! Take a look at some of our cool Zombie-Process swag while you're at it. Have a sip, browse a design, have a sip, browse a design. There ya go!


TL;DR version: We've provided you with this online bartending recipes website in the hopes that you'll enjoy it. Responsibly, of course.

We'd like you, as well, to enjoy some of the colourful, unusual, irreverent, and sometimes just plain weird designs/merchandise our main site has to offer. Above all, Have fun!

Search Drinks. Go on, give it a try! (Leave blank and hit "Search" to show something RANDOM!)


Sip your drink, and browse some fun, zany Zombie-Process designs. Zombie-Process is Weber Consulting's new(ish) design division.

This month's wisdom: Grandma always said "I'd prefer it if you didn't swear, but if you're going to say s##t, make it stink."


Well, that's about it for the intro!

Have fun (responsibly) and take a second to check out the Zombie-Process site! We promise you'll probably like something.

See somethin' ya like? Click to buy, or check out our website for more awesome stuff!
ZOmbie-Process Exercise the demonCycling Hazards - Stray Golf BallsDr. Cadeuceus Snake Oil SalesmanMuriel MacBubblesThank you, beer!
While you enjoy your drinks, please enjoy the following sample of our (awesomely cool) Zombie-Process stuff from your gracious hosts!
We promise to keep it brief.

  I'm not short, I'm FUN-SIZED!   click here to go to

How I trollNamaste, Bitches! Glitter effectYep! This one's available on the SEAT of a pair of YOGA pants! Yoga Kicks Ass ZPOMG PONIEEES!

Model A Ford - That's how I roll!

NOW AVAILABLE ON RedBubble, CafePress and Zazzle!  


What is this place? Click here or see below for details, but the gist is you can look up about any drink recipe ever thought up. Ever. Find a recipe you like, mix it up, and have a sip! Take a look at some of our cool Zombie-Process swag while you're at it. Have a sip, browse a design, have a sip, browse a design. There ya go!

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